Friday, October 22, 2021

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    108 Media Boards Japanese Tragicomedy ‘Performing Kaoru’s Funeral’

    Unique: 108 MediaNoriko Yusa, a production, finance and distribution company headquartered in Toronto and London, has joined Yusa’s upcoming Japanese tragicomedy Performing the last rites of Koru.

    The company will act as a co-producer on the project and will also handle worldwide sales, including the upcoming Busan International Film Festival. Casting is in process.

    directed by Yusa (coming back sunny), the picture tells the story of Jun Yokotani, who is bound by death obligations to honor the passing of his ex-wife, Koru, before he can start life anew. Completely incompatible, Yokotani and Koru’s daughter (also known as Koru) must completely change their lives as they try to form a new family during Koru’s funeral.

    Takato Nishi wrote the screenplay. Mika Shimoeda is co-producer with Takeo Hisamatsu of Maiway Movies. Filming will begin in Japan in January 2022 and will last for four weeks.

    Yusa said, “The project focuses on the domestic event of funerals in Japan, it’s not just a simple personal matter, it’s shared with everyone and is certainly meaningful. The film explores the universal theme of mankind at their last.” Reflecting to say goodbye and start again is definitely the key to bringing empathy and enthusiasm to the world and post people’s lives.”

    Rio Abe, Managing Director, 108 Media (Northeast Asia) said, “We are delighted to confirm the creation of this fantastic story. Striking at the heart of what it means to be a family while acknowledging the past, Koru To be cremated welcomes the complexity of passion at the heart of our identity.”

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