20 Questions On Deadline Podcast – Betty Gilpin: On Making The “Life-Changing” ‘Three Women’, ‘Mrs. Davis’ & Her New Book ‘All The Women In My Brain’

betty gilpin has been busy.

She has already shot for the much-awaited Showtime series three women adapted from Lisa TuddioThe number one New York Times bestselling book, she is currently in production Mrs. DavisPeacock’s new drama series in which she plays a nun fighting against artificial intelligence, and has written her first book – a set of personal essays titled All the women in my mind and other concerns,

In our 20 questions on time limit podcast, Gilpin reveals why he needed to write a book addressing the truth of the “human engine of need and shame” we all secretly experience, why create three women Changed her life, how she played the role of cyber-fighting nun Margo Martindale In her mother as Superior Mrs. Davis, And why our TV and film landscape has evolved into what she calls the “Cool Olympics” or “Cool Olympics.”Ocean’s Eleven-y” acting.

Gilpin also revels in childhood movie memories, being left in a body bag. law & Order set, the work she would have been doing if acting hadn’t worked and the three actresses who would have played her in her biopic.

All the women in my mind and other concerns Available September 6th.

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