2,800 VFX shots, 18 VFX studios created visual spectacle of ‘RRR’

RRR’s Visual Effects Supervisor V. Srinivas Mohan spoke candidly about the making of the film (Photo Credits: Twitter/Facebook)

V.Srinivas Mohan, Visual Effects Supervisor of ‘RRR’ has opened the key sequences of the magnum opus.

Mohan, who interacted with the media after the film’s release, explains what went into creating the iconic scenes in ‘RRR’.

Describing his work for SS Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ as most satisfying, Srinivasa Mohan says that he was told by Rajamouli only to enhance the storytelling and not to watch it.

Taking seven months to complete, RRR’s iconic VFX shots were done by a team that included the visual effects team, Sabu Cyril’s production design department and cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar.

“I worked with 18 VFX studios for this film. It is a task to coordinate with such a huge team and there were around 2,800 VFX shots in the film”, explained Mohan.

“Now that the film has released and many viewers are not even able to watch VFX, it is satisfying. Because, when the VFX doesn’t distract the audience from the drama coming on screen, it is a win,” says Mohan.

“One of the most important scenes was the action sequence involving animals – tigers, bears, wolves and antelopes, which called for extensive pre-visualisation”, explained RRR’s visual effects supervisor.

As he shared his experience with the film, Mohan revealed that he had to liberally use radio-controlled cars, miniature cameras and many other things to achieve visually gorgeous visuals.

“We designed the animal fighting scene in 3D on a computer, then used an Ncam (which aids in virtual production through real-time camera tracking) on ​​location. We took help from the students of IIT Madras, who helped us in installing the LED strips. It was programmed to walk like an animal”, explains the VFX supervisor.

“To replicate those animals, we had set up radio-controlled cars. The cars were programmed to operate at specific speeds, and the actors were choreographed to create a synchronization,” he said.

Srinivasa Mohan concluded that all these works were done keeping in mind that he had to give a realistic sequence each time.

Speaking about another VFX scene, Mohan revealed that he had to work on the pressure gauge of the water pipe, which would harmonize with the fire, which was done with VFX.

Mohan has worked as a digital compositor and VFX supervisor for several Tamil films, especially films directed by Shankar, who are noted for their visual graphics.

Mohan has won four National Awards for Best Special Effects for Tamil films ‘Magic Magic’, ‘Shivaji’, ‘Enthiran’ (Robo) and Telugu Blockbuster.bahubali,

After securing another major victory in Ram Charan And Shankar Shanmugam’s film, Mohan is currently on break, so he can recharge for the busy times to come.

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