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    5 Times Tejasswi Prakash proved to be a true entertainer in the BB15 house!

    5 times Tejasswi Prakash proved to be a true entertainer in BB15 House! (photo credit – Instagram)

    The twists and turns of Bigg Boss season 15 have kept the audience hooked to the show. Actress Tejashwi Prakash has emerged as the most popular contestant of this season. Amidst all the drama happening in the house, what remains constant is Tejasswi’s amusing nature who successfully manages to tickle our funny bones. From the premiere episode till date, she has been able to grab the attention of the audience with her wit and healthy humour.

    Of all the incidents, here are five of our favorites where Teja proved her amusing Nature…

    1. Bigg Boss becomes Teja’s baby

    In the tough days of the jungle, Teja lightens the tough times with his humour. Referring to Bigg Boss as “Baby”, his funny conversation with Bibi is to die for!

    2. Dance Teja Naach

    It will not go wrong to say that Teja dances to the song with so much beauty, grace and enthusiasm. Do you remember the first day he danced? His Feedback Still fresh in our memories!!

    3. Teja Asli Vishwasuntri

    We could only hear Vishwasuntri, but we imagined Teja to be one! The tussle between him and Vishwasuntri is missing these days.

    4. Tej’s wedding

    Undoubtedly Tejashwi Prakash is a fine actor. Remember Teja’s elusive wedding plan? We couldn’t stop laughing at her creative imagination…

    5. Tej’s way

    Cute Teja has a hot side too. We were mesmerized by the way she danced while grooving to Tarifa. hot!!

    Which is your favorite stunning lighting moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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