5 Tips For Editing Your Selfies

Ever wonder why celebrities, influencers and other famous people look so good in their selfies? That’s because their selfies are edited! Finding a huge collection of photos can be quite a dilemma, but you just can’t figure out which of them are worth posting on social media. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by editing.

Now, we are going to give you some tips on editing selfies.

1. Download Third-Party Camera Apps

Apart from using your smartphone’s built-in camera app, you should look for third-party offerings that offer better filters, visuals and features. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, you can always use third-party camera apps to make your photos look even better.

Two of the most prominent photo editing apps used by many smartphone users today are Camera 360 and Facetune. compared to camera360 vs facetune And which one you’re going to use ultimately depends on your preferences. If you want more freedom in editing photos, especially selfies, Camera360 is the perfect choice. But if you prefer to have a quick and smooth experience for editing your Snaps, then Facetune is for you.

Both these apps come with advanced editing features that allow you to improve the quality of your selfies.

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2. crop photo

If you’re going to share your selfie On many social media platforms, you have to crop and adjust its size. Cropping is not always required for all photos, but you must make sure that it follows the specific size allowed by the social media website. For example, you are going to post your selfie on Instagram. You need to crop your snaps at 8:10 or 1:1 so that you can post them on the platform.

All photo-editing apps come with a crop tool, which is very useful for cropping the size of your photos. This tool is also very handy when it comes to removing unwanted elements in your selfies. Cropping also helps in improving the composition of your photos or repositioning the subject.

3. adjust sharpness

Adjusting the sharpness of your selfies can make them look crisp and clear. Most photo-editing software come with advanced sharpening tools. Experiment with the app’s sharpening features to see their different effects.

Start by increasing or decreasing the overall sharpness of the photo as per your preference. However, keep in mind that having subtle details in the composition doesn’t make a big difference, especially if you’re posting your selfies on social media.

Plus, sharpening a photo might not make a poorly-focused selfie into an in-focus snap. No editing tool is capable of doing this. Finally, over-sharing an image can create an aggressive halo effect on objects around the subject.

4. don’t forget about the background

The background of your selfie also plays an important role in making your photos attractive, especially on social media. Therefore, you should choose the best background for all your photos.

The problem with using good backgrounds is that they can distract from the subject of your selfie. In other cases, some unwanted elements may also come into the frame which is especially true when using backgrounds with amazing scenes.

You can easily fix these issues by using the image clipping feature. This special tool allows you to separate your selfie from its background, so you can switch to a more suitable background for your photo.

5. don’t overdo it

We all have this wish that we always look good to the extent that we go beyond the limits in editing our selfies. it is very common social media nowadays. We regularly see users posting more edited selfies.

Keep in mind though that once you start posting a more edited selfie, you’ll have no choice but to keep it up and maintain that look. This can be very bad for you over time as it can lead to low self-esteem when you compare your edited photos with your real ones.

It’s okay to have a few blemishes or pimples as long as you don’t change the shape of your face. If possible, why not try posting your natural look online as it can help boost your confidence, resulting in better looking and natural selfies!

final thoughts

Learning how to edit selfies can help make them more attractive and complete. But you should never overdo it. Use these photo-editing tips to help you avoid making your own unrealistic photos. Apart from learning how to edit photos, you should also remember how to take pictures properly for better looking selfies.