83 Box Office Day 4: Ranveer Singh Starrer Takes A Dip On Monday

83 Box Office: Ranveer Singh starrer sees a dip on Monday (Photo Credits – Instagram)

’83 saw a drop in collections on Monday as there was no double-digit score that could potentially allow it to maintain momentum during the first week. Yes, there was a jump in numbers from Friday to Saturday, but when Sunday couldn’t be bigger, there were signs. Still there was little hope that if Monday remained constant and somewhere the same as Friday (12.64 cr) So the first week is going to be very good.

Unfortunately, this did not happen due to going below 10 crores and becoming 7.50 crores*. This is not optimal and will really have to wait to see if Tuesday to Thursday stay in the same line or dip even further. If this happens then the overall verdict will not be in line with the kind of expectations that one has from him. Ranveer singh star.

stand on 54.50 crore*, The film will be hoping to at least reach the 100 crore mark as a lifetime score. In fact, it seemed like an easy step up to the release date and though 200 crores was always a challenge at hand, the number of around 150 crores was very much achievable. Unfortunately Kabir Khan The directed sports drama won’t even get anywhere close to that and it is disappointing as the film is really well made and deserves better.

*an estimate. final number awaited

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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