83 Director Kabir Khan Calls Ranveer Singh Starrer An “Intimate Story Of A Bunch Of Boys”

Kabir Khan: Glad that the story of ’83’ picked me up as a filmmaker (Photo Credits: IMDb)

Filmmaker Kabir Khan considers himself lucky to be the medium to take a story like ’83’ to the masses. In his opinion, every story has a destiny and he is glad that he can be a part of such an inspiring story.

describing the emotional bouquet of Ranveer singh Satter, ’83’, said the director, “A story has to be a human story told in the most entertaining and engaging way possible. ’83 had it all.”

Kabir Khan said, “In the end it is an incredible story of human victory. Of course, the background is cricket and the 1983 World Cup, which is larger than life. But if you look at it, it’s a very intimate story of a bunch of boys.”

Kabir Khan explains, “This is the story of an underdog team that landed in London when no one really believed them. Every newspaper in London was saying that the Indian team should not even be invited as it would bring down the standard of the game. It’s such a dramatic and emotional story that the moment I read the first material when we were considering making it, I was shocked from the start. ,

“I feel privileged to tell the story because I have said earlier that sometimes the filmmakers do not choose the story, but the story chooses a filmmaker. I am very happy, ’83’ has chosen me as a medium to reach out to people”, concluded Kabir Khan.

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