‘A Strange Loop’s Michael R. Jackson And Producer Barbara Whitman On “Widening The Lane” For Broadway: “It’s OK To Be Weird”

Later a weird loop capped Tony Award Playwright with Best Music Award Michael R Jackson The show’s potential path to the top offered his main roadblock: “It’s okay to be weird.”

Was seen in the press room with the producer of the show, Barbara Whitman, Jackson said he intends to take “a number of steps to try to widen even more the types of shows that audiences can watch.” Books, Music and Songs for a weird loop, which took home the Pulitzer Prize for drama last year, were all written by Jackson. Its metafictional plot centers on Usher, a Black, queer writer working on a musical about a Black, queer writer who is writing a musical about a Black, queer writer. This was hardly a sure condition for the show to go off-Broadway At the pinnacle of the world of theatre.

“So many artists work from a place of avoidance of fear and risk,” Jackson said. “Even when I felt most lonely, I was always fearless about art. So what I’m hoping for is that the people watching the show, the young actors and the writers and actors Of course, everyone who’s been into musical theater would probably be a little less afraid of being weird and going out and trying something different.

There’s a song by singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell (whom, Jackson joked, “has one of my inner white girls”) “where she says, ‘You gotta try/
If you’re feeling contemptuous / Well then you tell it / If you’re tired of the silent night / Jesus, you shout it. She’s saying, ‘Just do it. Just do the f-king!’ And that’s how I feel about making theater and making art because the world is so crazy and can be so narrow and so stereotypical that I’m like, if art is where you can do, like, literally anything. So really do anything.”

Whitman said that his experience as a producer has left him with similar lessons in terms of widening the aperture to be produced for Broadway. She specifically cited her most recent music, fun house, which formed the premise by making mental illness a central part of a Broadway show. “It gave me the courage to do a weird loop,” she said. “The more you do it, the more courage you get. I learned a lot at Fun Home and I applied many of those lessons weird loop, And now I can take lessons and apply them going forward.

Jackson said he remembered going to see fun house during my early forays into public theater” and was very nervous about musical theatre. When I saw that show, I was like, ‘Oh yeah! There’s still people out there going out on a limb and some doing different. and it pushed me a little bit to keep working a weird loop, And I didn’t even know that Barbara was a producer at the time.