“A Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Series”: Labour MP Lambasts ITV Drama ‘The Walk-In’ In Parliament

A Labor MP who was the target of an extreme right-wing assassination plot, depicted in Jeff Pope‘s Stephen Graham-starring ITV play walk-in has reprimanded the broadcaster for a “stupid, stupid, stupid series”.

Speaking in the UK House of Commons yesterday, Rosie Cooper said she has received death threats since the series aired and claimed they were used as a “marketing tool” by ITV.

ITV Studio, walk-in, Which ended earlier this week and was viewed by millions of viewers, with Graham starring as Hope Not Hate activist Matthew Collins, who infiltrated a far-right gang and made a tip in 2017 about a threat to Cooper. -off, which led to the arrest and imprisonment of a neo-Nazi who had bought a knife to kill a West Lancashire MP.

Cooper said she was “shocked” by his treatment by ITV.

“What’s an excuse for a press release that says, ‘Who is Rosie Cooper and who wanted to kill her’? There’s no defense to that,” she said, according to the BBC.

The death threats have gotten worse since the show, said Cooper, who called walk-in A “stupid, stupid, stupid series.” She also recalled how at the end of a related trial she was given a government car because “ITV’s lowly cameraman followed me down the street”.

ITV, which also aired a documentary on the incident, said the show was organized “heavily in the public interest”.

“We always build these chains with care and responsibility,” it said in a statement. “From Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday, Suitable Adults, Little Boy Blue And A Confession for the Lost Honor of Christopher JeffriesITV has a long record of airing factual dramas based on or representing real events.”

A spokesman for Hope Not Hate supported the play, saying, since it aired, many current and former members of the organized Far Right have been in contact with the campaign group and are seeking support to leave.

“Clearly, we are disappointed to hear Rosie’s words in the chamber today. In 2017, many members of our organization worked tirelessly and tremendously to thwart the assassination plot against Rosie Cooper,” the spokesperson said. .