A24 Has Another Indie Hit, As ‘Marcel The Shell’ Slides Into Top 10 – Specialty Box Office

A24‘s Marcel the Shell with Shoes On hit the top ten in North America at number one. Only 48 locations with an estimated $340k in 8 weeks and north of $963k – latest hit for distributor after powerhouse everywhere together Specialty bombed at the box office. marcel, Based on a popular 2010 YouTube series, it’s on a much slower rollout than that, but in terms of special releases, it’s one of the biggest since COVID.

Distributor acquired Dean Fleischer CampStop-motion/live-action hybrid about an adorable snail, voiced by jenny slateTelluride last dropped and was shown at SXSW – where everything Everywhere Made a splash It’s a favorite with critics (99% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), strong word-of-mouth (92% RT Audience Score), and corresponding stellar exit polls. This will expand to 130-150 screens next week, set up to last a long time.

“It’s absolutely a rule that everyone is watching our movie in theaters because we built it to be enjoyed that way,” Camp says via email. “The dramatic experience not only puts you in Marcel’s shoes (sorry), but it’s a film about the importance of community, which we all feel right now, and that when you’re with a large group. Stuff is different everyone is laughing and crying together.”

There’s a huge opportunity here as the audience is mostly A24’s main 18-35 indie-movie fan demo of what could be a fascinating crossover children’s movie. Fans of the original YouTube series are now Millennials/Gen Z, and while the percentage of a self-described family audience grows every week, it’s still mostly parents bringing their kids along. artificially curly hair Has the best word of mouth of any A24 movie as well as a higher IP than usual for a distributor. a artificially curly hair The short film and several books followed the original series.

The fake documentary follows Marcel and his grandmother Connie, voiced by Isabella Rossellini, once part of a vast community of shells who now live alone as the only survivors of a mysterious tragedy. When a documentary filmmaker discovers him amidst the chaos of his Airbnb, the short film he posts online inspires Marcel’s millions of ardent fans as well as unprecedented dangers and a new attempt to find his long-lost family. brings hope. Marcel opens on June 24 across six screens for $170K With an average of $28,267 per screen in New York and LA.

everything Everywhere Earned an estimated $241k this weekend to earn more than $67.6 million since opening in late March, as youth demos came to the independent martial arts fantasy feature, A24 at the domestic box office. Highest grossing film of all time. Written and directed by Danielle Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the film stars Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie Sue and Ke Hye Kwan. (Kwan is married Marseilles Animation director, Kirsten Lepore.)

This year and final release of A24 also includes The Green Knight, Zola, Lamb, Come on, Macbeth (with Apple) red rocket And x,

Special opening this weekend: Some were good. neon‘s love fireWhich opened across three screens last Wednesday, saw a strong $40,686 three-day weekend, averaging $7,443 per theater and for a total of $40,686 (PSA of $13,562).

moving image museum

Kino Lorber‘s Murina NYC’s Metrograph grossed a solid $6,702 in one spot.

“We are satisfied with the audience’s embrace,” says Wendy Liddell, Distribe’s SVP of theatrical/non-theatrical distribution and acquisition of the Camera d’Or winner by Antonieta Kucijanovic. Liddell said the opening puts the film “in a good position to continue this success as we expand to more than a dozen additional cities next week”—including LA, Chicago, Montreal, Washington DC and Miami.

IFC Films, both sides of the blade It grossed $25,000 over the weekend in four theaters for a PSA of $6,250 and a CUM of $25,000. ,crazy god The second week, from IFC Midnight/Shudder, saw a gross of $19,000 for a PSA of $760, and a cumm of $215,737 at 25 locations.)

White Hill Studios Opened Sharik 2 In 55 locations starting at $99k for a PTA of $1,800. Punjabi film continues to expand in the US from “Pollywood” to Bollywood and beyond as the landscape of regional Indian films

Amidst the holdovers, Mr Malcolm’s List Wasn’t from Bleecker Street. The second week took 10,057 locations in North America with $245,416 (PSA of $232) and earnings of $1.64 million.

roadside attractions forgiven The second week saw an estimated three-day gross of $63,275 per screen with an average of $462 and a minimum of $278,589 across 137 screens.

sony pictures classics Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song, In its second week as well, it grossed $37,621 across 15 screens, up from three the previous week, averaging $2,508 per screen and for a cumm of $75,871.