Aadil Khan went through arduous training for action sequences in ‘Shoorveer’

Adil Khan reveals the intense preparation arrangements behind his portrayal of the character in ‘Shoorveer’ (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Actor Adil Khan, who plays an army man in the war drama series “Shoorveer”, has revealed the intense preparation regime behind his portrayal of the character in the show.

In addition to vigorous training Adil He traveled around cities and countries to complete the shooting.

‘Shoorveer’ actor Adil Khan travels to Serbia, Delhi, Mumbai, Kashmir And completed shooting for the series and underwent a massive body transformation for the same. He trained for action sequences for several months in order to maintain the posture of an Air Force pilot for the role.

Adil Khan said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation behind Shoorveer. Apart from the physical transformation, I got to interact with real-life heroes for the role and those moments were very special as I learned a lot from those interactions. ,

“Traveling to different places was again a lot of fun and I trained extensively with my trainer for a few months to get my body posture right. I trained for months for the action sequences in Shoorveer.”

“Actually I was trained for action by Cyril Raffaeli before Shoorveer started and I continued that training with my trainer in India.”

Adil Khan’s film Shoorveer is all set to release on July 15.

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