Abdu Rozik loses captaincy and Archana loses her cool in COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’

Abdu Rojic lost captaincy and Archana lost her cool in Colors’ Bigg Boss 16

Creating history in Colors’ Bigg Boss 16, Abdu Rojic is the only captain who has not been evicted by the owner of the house even after a week. However, his chance to retain the captaincy turns out to be a hoax as Bigg Boss announces a gold mining operation which is being overseen by the appointed operator Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. In tonight’s episode, supporters of Abdu’s captaincy accuse the operator of bias against him. Priyanka tries her best to defend herself but to no avail. Shiv Thackeray, who wanted Abdu to retain the captaincy, provokes Priyanka by saying that she is probably afraid of Abdu. It will be interesting to see who takes over as the captain after Abdu raises the captaincy bar with his leadership skills.

Disappointed to miss his chance to be the captain, Abdu goes to the captain’s room and starts taking his belongings to his original room. While several contestants like Sajid, Tina, Shalin and Shiv try to please her, Abdu indulges in a self-evaluation and says, “I am very happy. Bigg Boss Brother is not taking me out. I am the best captain in this Bigg Boss house.”

After Abdu bid goodbye to his captaincy, a shocking incident shook the coveted house. A heated exchange between one of the most entertaining housewives Archana Gautam and strong contender Shiv Thackeray gets out of hand. It all starts with Tina Dutta looking for tissue paper to be kept in the bathroom area for hygiene purposes. He is angry with Archana, who hid him in the kitchen and in his bedroom. Known to have a knack for kitchen space, Archana faces criticism for keeping most of the tissue paper boxes with her and Shiva intervenes in the matter. Not ready to apologize for grabbing the tissue paper, Archana warns him to stay away from the mud. In a shocking move, Shiva makes personal remarks and Archana retaliates. What happens when Archana is called into the confession room and starts crying? Know what happened between Archana Gautam and shiv thackeray And if the former gets evicted in tonight’s episode.

Hosted by TRESemmé, Special Partner Chings’ Schezwan Chutney, Make-up Partner MyGlamm, and Test Partner Priygold Hunk, ‘Bigg Boss 16’ continues to witness the excitement and drama every Monday to Friday at 10.00 PM and every Saturday-Sunday at 9.30 PM. Color and Voot.

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