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    Abhishek Bachchan Has A Savage Take On Celebs Who Say ‘Awards Don’t Matter’: “Kyunki Aapko Mili Nahi Hai, Simple Si Baat Hai”

    Abhishek Bachchan tells celebs who say ‘awards don’t matter’ (Photo Credits: Facebook)

    Abhishek Bachchan is a rare actor who speaks his heart out. He is mature, mindful and logical with his words. Many celebrities in Bollywood say that recognition through awards doesn’t matter to them. Now bob biswas Actors are sharing their opinion on such actors. Scroll down for all the details!

    Time and again, many actors have been praised by fans and audiences, but have failed to gain recognition through award ceremonies. actors like irfan, Pankaj TripathiVikrant Massey remains the longest underrated gem in the industry. But the audience had proved that they love his talent, irrespective of the number of awards he has won in his career.

    Now talking about all this, Abhishek Bachchan told Sidharth Kannan, “Nobody said that I don’t believe in awards… because you haven’t got the award. Simple si baat hai. See, we are all actors.” Hai, artist ko jab nawaz jaye, jab ki wahi-wahi ho (If someone says, ‘I don’t believe in awards’, it’s because they didn’t get one. It’s easy. We are artists, if we are praised) So it’s bigger than any award for anyone.”

    Abhishek Bachchan continued, “We do a lot to appreciate. Yes, it is our business, we have to run our house, there is an economic side to it, of course. But you praise an actor and he will be happy. We work for praise, that’s the job of the profession. The award is the ultimate praise, isn’t it? Everyone likes awards. If you didn’t get an award, you’re not popular enough or your performance isn’t good enough, that’s how I look at it. If we get into that conspiracy theory, then there are many (if we get into conspiracy theories, there are many). If you’re good enough, it’ll come to you, as simple as that)”

    Meanwhile, Abhishek is busy promoting his upcoming film Bob Biswas. The film is slated for a digital release on Zee5 on December 3.

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