Saturday, October 23, 2021

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    Actor Kartik Sharma, the official face of Big Projects has been signed as lead actor for an upcoming original music video | Bollywood Life

    “The secret of modeling is not being perfect. One needs a face that people can recognize in a second. You should be given what is needed by nature, and what is needed to bring something new.” ~Karthik Sharma

    20-year-old model Karthik Sharma is foraying into the fashion world.

    Talking about his journey, Kartik said, “I don’t worry about difficulties as they are part of life and facing them makes me stronger. Learn from my mistakes and move on to achieve success. Must keep growing.”

    He is a model and huge fitness freak but apart from being a fitness freak, he also practices meditation to keep his body alive and alive. With this ideology, Karthik always aims to keep working and improving his skills continuously. He also believes in staying mentally healthy because in this way one can attain a great physique.

    Her sheer work and dedication has earned her massive appreciation across the country and has led her to success in some prestigious fashion pageants including Mr & Miss India International Star 2021 and Mr & Miss UP’s Top Model 2021-22.

    Recently, Karthik was appreciated by comedian Raju Srivastava and he also represented Big Projects Company at Ayodhya Fashion Runway Eve in Lucknow.

    Karthik was honored for his hard work by MTV fame Aahana Sharma. Striving to be the next big model showcasing exceptional skill and talent, BIG Projects founder Purujit Singh has signed her as the official model of BIG Projects Company and Kartik is now his face through BIG Projects in upcoming events. will display. And Purujit Singh is looking forward to Karthik’s successful career. Purujit Singh also said that he would personally look after her to guide her in the fashion pageants.

    Karthik has an inclination towards fashion and style since childhood but he never thought that his unique style and passion would make him the top model of the country someday.

    Karthik has roped in to play the lead role in Associate Degree Future music videos, which include Massive Comes, Bachelor and NS Productions.

    Overwhelmed by the opportunity, Kartik while talking about his upcoming projects says, “I am ready to face all challenges, and I am here not only to win the title but also to be the heart of the fashion sector and that day Is’ far away.”

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