Adithya Varma Music Director Radhan On AR Rahman Inspiring Him: “Sir Said This Is The Right Time, Go & Search”

Music director Radhan recalls how AR Rahman discovered him (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Thanking well-known music director AR Rahman for encouraging and encouraging a young sound engineer to take up music direction, actor Kamal Haasan said whatever Rahman told people, it came from his heart.

Music director Radhan, during his speech at the audio launch event of ‘Sila Nerangilil Sila Manithargal’ held at Kamala Cinemas on Monday, revealed that it was the music director. Rahman Who first asked him to become a music director and thanked him.

Saying that when he was a sound engineer, it was AR Rahman who first told him that ‘You have music inside you’. You try.’ To this Rahman sir said, ‘This is the right time. Go and find out’.”

Responding to this information during his speech, actor Kamal Haasan said, “Thank you AR Rahman for giving you the courage to pursue this. Rahman could have said something else and stopped you if he wanted to. But without doing so, He encouraged you by saying that you can make music.”

“I am saying this because I know him well. I know Rahman personally. Whatever he says, he says with all his heart. Otherwise, if he doesn’t mean it, he won’t say it at all. He is also one of those people who have played an important role in taking you to this point.” Lotus Told the young music director.

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