Agatha Christie’s ’The Mousetrap’ Will Make Long-In-Coming Broadway Debut In 2023

Agatha Christiekey stage thriller rat trapLondon’s premier theater for 70 years is finally ready for it broadway: Murder Mystery will open at an undisclosed Broadway venue sometime in 2023, producers have announced.

The play, a West End institution and popular tourist destination since 1952, has been performed in the US before but never on Broadway or in New York.

Although a new Broadway cast will be assembled for the production, some physical elements of the long-running London staging will make Crossing: In a message from the show official websitethe producers note, “Audiences in New York will be able to see and hear some of the original sights and sounds from the production as it has performed in London since 1952. The set will be a loving recreation of Anthony Holland’s design, and will be truly authentic.” touch, the only surviving piece of the original set – the mantelpiece clock – will be borrowed from the London production for the Broadway run. The unique backstage wind machine, inscribed with the original creator’s name and still used today, has also been carried across the Atlantic will be sent.

The worldwide profile of the play was recently raised through the film See how they run. Starring Saoirse Ronan, Ruth Wilson, Adrien Brody, David Oyelowo and Sam Rockwell, the mystery film directed by Tom George is set in 1953 and includes plans for a movie version of the then-new play that follows a crew member. messes up with. The film within the film) is murdered.

Christie’s play premiered at Nottingham’s Theater Royal on November 25, 1952, and has since run for nearly 29,000 performances in London, with an estimated 10 million people watching the play – and trying to solve its twist-and-turn mysteries. Have tried.

The Broadway staging will be a co-production between UK producer Adam Spiegel and US producer Kevin McCollum.Rent, The Play That Go Wrong, Six,

Additional details, including casting and production timeline, will be announced at a later date.