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    Aggar Tum Na Hote Fame Himanshu Soni Says Mythological Characters Didn’t Give Him Room To Improvise As Audience Is Deeply Connected To Them

    Himanshu Soni says ‘Agar Tum Na Hota’ will give him a chance to explore his acting skills (Photo Credits – Instagram)

    Television actor Himanshu Soni has revealed why there is not much room for improvement while playing mythological characters.

    Himanshu is popular for playing mythological characters like Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Rama in various television shows.

    Talking about the same, Himanshu Soni said: “Essay mythological characters Like Buddha or any other similar character for that matter is not an easy process and doesn’t give you much scope to improvise or play with characters as the audience is emotionally and spiritually attached to them. “

    However, Himanshu Soni, who is set to play the lead role in the upcoming romantic drama TV show “Agar Tum Na Hota”, feels the role will give him a chance to explore his acting skills better. He will be seen playing the role of a man with mental instability in the show.

    “With characters like these, it is always easy to figure out your acting skills and play it by ear. Though this new role is challenging, I feel that my experience so far has given me the understanding to deal with such intense characters.”

    ‘Agar Tum Na Hote’ is the story of a young and dedicated nurse caring for Abhimanyu Pandey (essayed by Himanshu Soni), a wealthy and seemingly normal young man dealing with mental instability.

    Elaborating on his character Abhimanyu in the show, Himanshu Soni said: “My character mainly talks about a charming cute boy who is struggling with mental instability and going through a tough phase. Though it is a very intense character, I am thrilled to play this role, which is quite different from the normal roles I have played. “

    Daily soap will be released soon Zee TV.

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