Aishwarya Khare Calls Herself A ‘Big Potterhead’, Says “I Keep Re-reading All The Books From Time-To-Time”

Bhagya Laxmi actress Aishwarya Khare is an avid reader, calls herself ‘Big Potterhead’ (Photo Credits: Instagram; Website)

‘Bhagya Laxmi’ actress Aishwarya Khare is fond of reading books and her favorite book series is JK Rowling’s Harry Potter. In fact, she’s a huge Potterhead.

As Aishwarya explains: “I was not someone who used to read a book in my spare time when I was a kid. In fact, I never liked reading books. But things changed in high school! I read a novel and since then I have never stopped. That book was Harry Potter.”

Aishwarya Khare continues, “Not many people know, but I am a big Potterhead. I really love JK Rowling What made this series so real and relevant. It’s so interesting that once you start it, you can’t stop until you finish the whole thing. I keep re-reading all the books from time to time and at the moment whenever I get time I am reading the last book on the set.

Aishwarya Khare adds, “I have recently finished reading Cleopatra and Frankenstein and I must say I really enjoy it. This is a beautiful story that must be read. It is really addictive. ,

“In fact, I find that I am addicted to books and whenever I get some free time, I take out my books and start reading. I really believe that reading novels is one of the best habits in his life. and it really helps them grow and prosper,” concluded the actress.

,Bhagya Lakshmi‘ is aired on Zee TV.

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