Akın Akınözü wants to play Alexander the Great | Turkish Series: Teammy

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akin akinozu

Akin Akinozu’s bold dreams of wanting to play Alexander the Great took his fans by surprise. However, the actor has more down-to-earth goals.

akin akinozu After the success of the TV series “Harakay” is considered one of the most promising young Turkish actors. Alas, the subsequent two shows of the star were not so successful and did not shine in the ratings. However, fans are watching Akin’s career with great enthusiasm, hoping that he will be lucky in his next project. He recently answered questions from his followers on Instagram, where he talked about his dreams and plans for the future.

On the question of one of the followers, would he like to play the role of Sultan Mehmet Fatih, Akın Akinoğlu admitted that yes, he would, and he feels that he can bring something of his own to the character that he has created. Will separate from His colleagues, whom he greatly respects. In addition, he would really like to try himself in the role of Alexander the Great.

Fans also asked if he will be in any TV series on the digital platform. According to Akin, on the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, he can participate in a project that will make the whole world realize the freedom, dignity and humility of his country’s precious past. Whether the actor has any specific project in mind is not yet clear.