Alia Bhatt’s Met Gala Debut Brutally Slammed For Her ‘Nepotistic Links’ With Friends Karan Johar & Prabal Gurung, Netizens React “He’s Gonna Invite Suhana Khan In A Year…”

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Suhana Khan Was Trolled For Alia Bhatt’s Met Gala Debut And Her Nepotistic Link, Here’s The Reason! (Photo courtesy- Instagram)

Alia Bhatt has been making headlines this year for her Met Gala debut but for all the wrong reasons. Now a post by her designer Prabal Gurung casually criticizing nepotism is doing the rounds on the internet and netizens were quick to roast Alia for it. The post by the designer explains how much effort and hard work has gone into creating the outfit for Alia.

The post also revealed how Prabal met the Student Of The Year actress Karan JoharShe was about to make her Bollywood debut and Prabal’s brother Pravesh was assisting Kajo in that film. It was then that the designer was blown away by Alia’s creative abilities and personality.

This post is getting a lot of criticism for two reasons. At first, the outfit was inspired by Claudia Schiffer’s 1992 Chanel bridal look, but Dua Lipa appeared in the same look, much closer to the original, stealing Alia Bhatt’s thunder. Secondly, the post made it clear that Alia’s Met Gala debut was because she has the right set of friends and connections and netizens pointed out the casual nepotism in the post.

A Reddit thread shared the post by Prabal and Redditors, starting a discussion that very soon turned into a troll attack. One user wrote, “So they’ve been planning her Met Gala debut for 10 years?” Another user commented, “And the organization still could not serve…. Remarkable.” Another user pointed out Alia Bhatt’s carefree attitude and wrote, “It was also made in Mumbai so she could try it out first and practice her walk, but she’s walking on that red carpet for dear life.” For this, Prabal kept holding Papa.

A user drew attention to the post of nepotism and wrote, “So – Prabal’s brother interns with Karan and Karan’s no kid intern with Prabal’s experiment dress to MET after being shown in Dua Lipa’s original.” fails.” Another user commented, “Imagine the air of awkwardness upon meeting” Oh Alia Bhatt, what was the inspiration for this outfit? * “The dress Dua Lipa is wearing”

Trolling Alia, a user wrote, ‘Except no one even interviewed her. Prabal’s post is the only international publicity he has received. Some even mentioned how the Raazi actress aka Alia Bhatt has never struggled to reach this point, and her journey is nothing compared to that of Aishwarya Rai or Priyanka Chopra. One comment read, “The more I know about her, the more I respect self-made women like Aishwarya, PC and Deepika. I realize how difficult their journey must have been. She arrived on a silver platter.” Everything is served but she is still mediocre. Even this Met debut was not overwhelming. No risk taken, normal makeup by Punit Saini. Global superstar my a**. She has one to be Not an ounce of confidence or charisma. It comes from building yourself from scratch.

However, the debate escalated when suhana khan Prabal Gurung and Karan Johar got pulled into the picture after someone shared a picture of him. “Bet he’ll invite Suhana over in a year or two!” asked a comment. “It’s definitely going to happen”, replied another comment. A user elaborated, “Wait till the movie releases. I heard that Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar was also inspired by Archie.” However, one user argued, “She doesn’t need him… her father can bring her there.”

You can read the entire Reddit thread here.

Prabal Gurung’s post on Instagram confirms that he invited Alia to Met Gala because of KJo
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