All That Breathes Creates History With Oscar Nomination Leaving Every Indian Super Proud!

95th Oscar Nominations: A nod for Shaunak Sen’s ‘All That Breathes’ (Photo Credits-Still from All That Breathes)

All That Breathes, directed by Indian filmmaker Shaunak Sen, has made it to the 95th Oscar Awards after being nominated in the Documentary Feature Film category.

The documentary is nominated alongside films like ‘All That Beauty and Bloodshed’, ‘Fire of Love’, ‘A House Made of Splinters’ and ‘Navalny’.

set in the dark backdrop of All That Breathes of Delhi Apocalyptic winds and escalating violence, in which two brothers dedicate their lives to protecting a casualty of turbulent times – a black kite.

Riz Ahmed, who won the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film last year, and Allison Williams, who is currently starring in the horror hit ‘M3GAN’, announced the nominees.

The 95th Academy Awards kicked off on Tuesday morning and it was indeed a big day for Indian cinema. from RRR For All the Breathes, Indians created history and made fellow citizens proud.

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