Allu Arjun Thinks It’s Pushpa’s Natural Screenplay That Struck Chords With Hindi Audience

Allu Arjun feels it is Pushpa’s natural script that struck a chord with the Hindi audience (Photo Credits: Instagram/alluarjunline, Pushpa Poster)

Actor Allu Arjun is delighted with his first theatrical release in Hindi with Pushpa as Punch.

Almost two weeks after its release in five languages ​​- Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi – ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ is bringing in hordes of audience to the theatres.

“This is my first Hindi theatrical release. It definitely exceeded my expectations. When we released the film, we didn’t have much expectations. It’s like a test of the waters. I’m so glad we shot it first I got it right. It’s amazing that we got our first shot right,” Allu Arjun told IANS.

Known for his classy urban looks, the stylish star of Tollywood known as Allu Arjun stunned everyone by choosing a rustic role in his first foray outside the South Indian languages ​​market.

Although ‘Pushpa‘ His first offering to the Hindi audience, Allu Arjun is a well-known face, thanks to the dubbed versions of his films which are very popular in North India. His choice of film and role was not a gamble, insists Arjun.

“I am always experimenting with my looks for every film. This movie is definitely very different from anything I’ve done before. I was seeing this as a great opportunity to try something new. I didn’t see it as a risk at all. Actually, I was looking at it as the USP of the film. We were counting on the look of this film. I knew that if we get it fixed, it will be the USP of the film. We tried a lot to fix it. So, I think the credit goes to the director for bringing in such a canvas and doing it right and giving me complete freedom to experiment as much as I want,” said Arjun.

‘Pushpa: The Rise’, which released on December 17, has managed to bring the audience to the theatres, despite ’83’ releasing on December 24. And Arjun feels that the realism in ‘Pushpa’ has worked its magic across the country. audience in India.

“I can’t comment on ’83’ because I haven’t seen the film yet. I think what worked for ‘Pushpa’ is that it’s a collective film based on a very natural script. Me. I think it works for the audience. It has a very realistic treatment of a commercial film. So I think the realism is associated with many other languages. When it’s realistic, it has a more universal appeal. Me The realism in the film seems to have captured the imagination of the people,” said the actor.

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