Aly Goni: On TV, you just get lost

The difference Ali Goni felt working on OTT and TV (Photo Credits – Aly Goni / Instagram)

Aly Goni says that OTT has given him an opportunity to work as well as take out time for his family and he is enjoying working in the medium. He also told how much time it takes in the small screen.

“I think the only difference is that shows on OTT are not drag. They get over in 2 or 3 months and you get time to be with people close to you, which is very important, I think. And I realized it after Kovid.” actor it is said.

Aly Goni says that is not the case on TV.

“On TV, you just get lost. I remember when I was doing TV, I couldn’t attend any of my cousin’s weddings. I couldn’t attend or celebrate any function. I think OTT good because you will get time to do other things too.and i think spending time with your family is a great thing,once you miss it,you miss and that time will not come again It is,” says Aly Goni.

He elaborated that one must know how to strike a balance between personal and professional life.

Aly Goni says, “I want to strike a balance between my personal and professional life. I don’t want one to suffer at the expense of the other. The pace of TV is fast and there is also a TRP-inspired mindset. In TV you work non-stop for many hours but in OTT you shoot a limited number of scenes in a day.

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