Amber Heard’s Current Net Worth Is 12+ Times Lower Than Taylor Swift’s Cat Who Is The 3rd Wealthiest Pet Of The World

Amber Heard’s current net worth is 12x+ less than Taylor Swift’s heck out (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Amber Heard is a well-known face in Hollywood who started her career in 2003. However, she was embroiled in controversy when she filed a defamation countersuit against Johnny Depp. The verdict finally came out when The Pirates of the Caribbean won the case and the actress had to pay $1 million To Johnny for putting an end to this long running defamation case. But did you know that the Aquaman actress’ net worth is far less than Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson?

Beyond Celebrity Pet Olivia Benson, she is also the mother of two more cats, Meredith Gray and Benjamin Button. Reportedly, Olivia, who has featured in several music videos with the singer, is the richest pet in the world.

Coming back to the topic, as Koimoi told you earlier Amber Heard’s current net worth is $8 million Which converts to INR 66 crores while Taylor Swift’s cat is worth $97 thousandAleion which converted into INR 802 Crores. Yes, you heard that right! According to a report by Fandom Wire, with the calculations, Amber Heard’s net worth is 12 times less than that of Olivia Benson.

Earlier Amber Heard Was Ordered To Pay $10 million plus compensatory fee $5 million in punitive damages but this was further reduced later $350,000 by Virginia Court. On the other hand, the actress received $2 million On the issue of defamation by Depp’s team.

Earlier in an Instagram post, Amber Heard announced that she had lost faith in the legal system, after which she decided to settle the matter between herself and herself. Johnny Depp, “I make this decision after losing faith in the US legal system, where my unproven testimony serves as entertainment and social media fodder. When I stand before a judge in the UK, I am presented with a strong, fair and impartial Proved right by the system, where I was saved from reliving the worst moments of my testimony in front of the world’s media, and where the court found that I was a victim of domestic and sexual violence,” read her post.

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