Amber Heard’s Insurance Company Refuses To Pay For Her Damages Against Johnny Depp, Instead Sues Her For ‘Willfully’ & ‘Maliciously’ Defaming Him!

Insurance company sues Amber Heard, refuses to pay damages to Johnny Depp! (Photo Credits – Instagram; IMDb)

Amber Heard has been in turmoil since she lost her defamation suit. The actress was sued by her ex-husband Johnny Depp over an op-ed she wrote in The Washington Post in 2018. After the verdict, he was ordered to pay. $10.35 million as damages but her lawyer, Ellen Breidhoft, said she could not afford it. Now his insurance company has also taken a U-turn. Scroll down for details.

Hurd found guilty of defamation baby boy due to which he was demanded to pay $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Due to state restrictions, the latter was reduced $350,000 to bring the total $10.35 million, The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was also asked to pay $2 million in damages because her lawyer defamed Amber by calling her allegations a ‘hoax’.

In the latest update, Amber Heard’s insurance company is refusing to pay the actress money owed to her husband Johnny Depp after she lost in a defamation lawsuit. Instead, it’s Aquaman suing the actress to absolve herself of any duty to pay from his end.

According to Law & Crime, against whom did the New York Marine & General Insurance Company file a lawsuit? Sky On Friday in the US District Court for the Central District of California. While Amber Heard reportedly had a $1 million Liability Policy, Company chooses to refuse payment because it has committed ‘deliberate’ and ‘malicious’ conduct which is against their policy. “An insurer is not liable for damages caused by the willful act of the insured,” the suit claimed.

Well, this further complicates things for Amber Heard who is already unable to pay Johnny Depp a massive amount of damages.

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