‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Megan Danielle On Debate The Show Was “Rigged” To Make Iam Tongi The Winner

Im Tongi was crowned the winner American Idol In Season 21, Megan Daniels came in second place and Colin Stuff came in third.

Following Tongi’s win, there has been debate among some fans that the show was “rigged” for her to win. Now Daniel is openly talking about the controversy and is harping on baseless claims.

“I would say it’s not just because, you know, I think God did all this for a reason,” American Idol the runner-up told new york post in an interview. “Even if I’m first, second, last, whatever… I think any one of us really deserves it.”

Danielle continued, “I think I deserved it and he’s so humble and so talented. And it was his time and I’m so proud of him.”

The audience connected with Tongi when she revealed that she had lost her father a few months prior to the audition due to kidney disease. It was his father who pushed him further in his journey in music and statue It was in honor of his memory.

Tongi, Hawaii’s first winner of the singing competition, also talked about what the victory meant to him and his culture.

“I’ve always been about making my people proud, making my family proud, making my father proud. my culture. It’s great that I can be an inspiration to other Polynesians and others like me. I am a Polynesian boy, but I love everyone.’ tv insider after his victory.

what would his father say knowing that he was the winner American IdolTongi said, “I know he would have been happy. I just love him and miss him and know he would be proud.”