Ana de Armas Took Marilyn Monroe’s Permission Before Filming Blonde In The Sweetest Way Possible, “We Went To The Cemetery…”

Ana de Armas takes Marilyn Monroe’s permission before filming Sweetest Way Blonde, says “We went to the cemetery and…” (Photo Credit – Still from Blonde; Marilyn Monroe/IMDb)

Ana de Armas is all set to bring the Marilyn Monroe story to the big screen with the upcoming historical psychological drama Blonde. Written and directed by Andrew Dominic, the film is based on the 2000 novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. But did you know that Anna and the film’s crew had taken the late actress’s permission before production began.

It’s true and he did it in the sweetest and sweetest way. As per the actress’s own confession, the team visited the late actress’s grave and sought her permission. Read on to find out everything he had to say.

During a recent conversation with another magazine, ana de armaso It was revealed that she left a handwritten card at Marilyn Monroe’s grave in Westwood Village Memorial Park on the first day of production on Blonde. “We got this big card and everyone in the crew wrote him a message. Then we went to the graveyard and placed it on his grave,” the actress said.

Continuing further, Ana de Armas said, “We were kind of asking for permission. Everyone felt a great responsibility, and we were very aware of the side of the story we were going to tell – Norma Jean The story of, the person behind this character, Marilyn Monroe. Who was she really?”

The provocative NC-17-rated film has attracted controversy for its fictional portrayal of Monroe. Meanwhile, Anna defended the film, saying that director Andrew Dominic was thoughtful from the start.

Blonde Reimagines Life Marilyn Monroe, from her volatile childhood through her rise to stardom as Norma Jean. In addition to Ana de Armas, the film’s supporting cast also includes Bobby Cannavale, Adrien Brody, Julian Nicholson, Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams. The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival and premiered on Netflix on Friday.

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