Andrew Garfield Had A Unique Way To Prepare For Then GF Emma Stone’s Gwen’s Death Sequence In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were dating while shooting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Photo Credit – Still from The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

While Tom Holland is now the in-house Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were the ones who walked so he could fly. While others had a successful run, it was Garfield who had to be on a bumpy ride throughout his career as a neighborhood superhero. As his films received mixed reviews and negative buzz around The Amazing Spider-Man 2, his run as Peter Parker waned. But no one has yet forgotten Emma Stone’s emotional scene on Gwen Stacy’s death.

In case you’re unaware, one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in cinema history is when Gwen falls off a roof and Peter does everything possible to save her. And just when he thinks he has saved her, he realizes that his superpower has not managed to keep him alive. But do you know how he prepared for the scene?

Well, Andrew Garfield was definitely giving it all to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. For the uninformed, while filming the film, both Emma Stone And Andrew was dating each other. So the actor didn’t talk to Gwen fame for actually feeling pain in preparation for that heartbreaking scene. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

Talking about the same The Amazing Spider-Man 2 VFX Supervisor Jerome Chenin. According to ScreenRant, he said, “I remember when they were filming that scene, Andrew and [Gwen Stacy actor] Emma [Stone] Intentionally did not see each other for a week. Andrew said, ‘I don’t want to see you! When you come to that scene, you have to pretend like you are dead to me.’ It was very quiet. The sets were almost always very quiet. [Director] non-dissolving sediment [Webb] I like to work with concentration. So it was very quiet, a completely off set. And I remember Andrew coming in and just crying uncontrollably. Those were the hours. He was fierce but powerful. ,

Meanwhile, Andrew Garfield returns to camp. Spider Man No Way Home and debuted your MCU. According to the viral report, he will soon be seen again in Avengers: Secret Wear alongside Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more information.

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