Angelina Jolie Pens A Moving Piece On Afghan Women With Taliban Takeover

Angelina Jolie has a moving pen on Afghan women with Taliban takeover, read (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, known for her humanitarian work, wants the world to take notice of what is happening to women in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

‘Girl, Interrupted’ Star Recently in an op-ed in ‘Time’ magazine, where she recounted her experience of meeting an Afghan refugee woman in Rome. She wrote, “I recently met a young Afghan refugee in Rome who qualified as a doctor months after the Taliban overthrew the Afghan government in August 2021. Her older sister studied dentistry at the university. She was studying. Her two younger sisters were doing brilliantly in school.”

It has been a year since the Biden administration, acting on the orders of Donald Trump, withdrew US troops from Afghanistan, resulting in the Taliban taking over the country. The US-Taliban deal or the Doha Agreement laid the foundation for the withdrawal of American troops from the country and the subsequent takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. The agreement was signed without taking into account the Afghan government.

Angelina Jolie wrote of the horrors arising from the oppressive regime, “Overnight, they (the Afghan refugee and his family) and 14 million Other Afghan women and girls lost their right to go to high school or university, the right to work, and their freedom of movement.

“As we talked, he hugged his father, who had worked as a rural development specialist in Afghanistan for decades. He left everything behind when he fled with his family. Tears rolled down his face. Along with the stream, she told me that she was sad not for herself, but for all the women in her country”, Angelina wrote in her article for Time.

Commenting on the progress of Afghan women over the past two decades, Angelina Jolie wrote, “A year ago, Afghan women worked as doctors, teachers, artists, police officers, journalists, judges, lawyers and elected politicians. Afghan children repeatedly carried out suicide attacks on their schools.

He said the progress seen by Afghan women has been “reversed at an unimaginable speed.”

Angelina Jolie said, “The daughters of Afghanistan are exceptional for their strength, resilience and resourcefulness.”

He then dealt with Afghan women under oppressive regimes, including public beatings, political imprisonment, kidnappings and forced marriages to Taliban leaders.

“Yet despite the threats, the greatest resistance to overturning women’s rights in Afghanistan has come not from foreign powers, but from Afghan women themselves, who have taken to the streets.” jolie wrote.

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