Angelina Jolie Teams Up With Chloé To Create Womenswear Capsule Collection, Reveals, “My Earnings From This Collaboration Will Be Invested In Establishing Apprenticeships”

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Angelina Jolie teamed up with Chloé to create the Atelier Jolie collection (Picture Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Angelina Jolie collaborated with Chloé to create a womenswear capsule collection.

The 48-year-old Hollywood actress has partnered with the French luxury fashion house to create the sustainable Atelier Jolie range, co-designed by Angelina and Chloé’s creative director Gabriella Hearst.

Inspired by Angelina’s own wardrobe, the collection includes eveningwear and fluid silhouettes and tactile details while offering a timeless aesthetic in line with Jolie’s vision “to create one-of-a-kind pieces that embody personal creativity and purpose”. Will be included. ,

The collection is inspired by the pair’s mutual “high ideals for the betterment of our species” and the ‘Tomb Raider’ star is donating her earnings from the collaboration to invest in “establishing apprenticeships for tailors and craftsmen at Atelier Jolie” .

in a statement, Gabriella Said: “From the moment I heard about Angelina’s vision for Atelier Jolie, I believed in her. It is a way of uplifting others through the beauty of apparel-making and its deep respect for the environment.

“It is an honor for me that Chloé will be Atelier Jolie’s first collaborator, as they both have high ideals for the betterment of our species. This is why I love both Angelina and Chloé so much.”

Angelina said: “Very few luxury brands are a certified B Corp. It was important to me to work with Chloé, one of the first luxury brands to become a B Corp. It was a privilege to design with Gabriella Hearst is, and I hope all women feel comfortable and beautiful in this capsule collection.

“My earnings from this collaboration will be invested in the atelier to set up apprenticeships for tailors and artisans Jolie,

The Atelier Jolie will be available from this autumn.

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