Anil Kapoor Turned Down World’s Biggest Franchise: “Mere Ko Scene Samajh Nahi Aya” – Is He Talking About Marvel Or James Bond?

Anil Kapoor Reveals Turning Down the World’s Biggest Franchise! (Photo Credits: Facebook, Marvel, 007)

Anil Kapoor has had a very successful journey in Bollywood. He has been a part of showbiz for more than 4 decades and continues to impress us with his stellar performances. But the veteran star left everyone in disbelief as he revealed the turning down of the world’s biggest franchise. Scroll down for all the details!

These days the actor is busy promoting ‘Jug-Jag Jio’. Neetu Kapoor is with him in the film, Kiara Advani and Varun Dhawan. It is scheduled to release on June 24 and the pre-release buzz has been quite remarkable.

While talking to Film Companion, Anil Kapoor revealed that he was offered a role by the world’s biggest franchise, but he turned it down. “The biggest franchise in the world, I can’t name it, has been offered to me; But he only had two days’ work. So, I read the scene. One, I did not understand the scene. (I didn’t understand what was happening in the scene). Then the director of that franchise called me and said ‘I want you to do it’. All my foreign friends said ‘if you can put this movie on your resume, that’s enough,'” he said.

Fans are sure that Anil Kapoor is talking about either Marvel or the James Bond franchise. It only makes sense because the scenes in those movies are quite complicated. If they haven’t seen all the parts of the franchise one can get confused or not connect. And of course, what could be bigger than the above names?

Although, Anil Kapoor also revealed that he feared being exposed all over the planet. “I told (his friends) that I am not going to do this. Ek toh mere ko scene hi comprehension nahi gaya (I didn’t understand the scene narrated), and then if I am wrong on that day, I will be exposed all over the planet,” he said.

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