Annu Kapoor’s iPad, Prada Bag & Much More Stolen In France

Annu Kapoor’s personal belongings, cash stolen in France (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Actor-singer Annu Kapoor’s personal belongings including a bag, credit card and cash were stolen while he was on a tour of France.

He warned his followers on Instagram not to travel to the country. In a clip shared on Instagram, he said: “In Paris, Prada’s bag was stolen, with a lot of frank cash and euros, my iPad, diary, credit card. Everything was stolen and taken away, so when you come to France, take great care. There are a number of pockets cut, madmen and thieves.

“I will go to Paris and write a complaint to the police station, Yaha’s railwaymen supported a bit and said that we will go together. So be very careful when it comes, a big tragedy has happened to me, thank God I had the passport with me.

In English, this means: “My Prada bag that contained my credit card, cash in francs and euros and an iPad was stolen. They stole everything, so be very careful whenever you go to France.”

“These guys are big time thieves. I am now going to a police station in Paris to file a complaint. Some railway officials have supported me a bit and said that they will support me there. So yes, be very careful here. A big tragedy has happened to me, thank goodness I had at least my passport.

Annu KapoorThe caption of the read: “I’m on a tour of Europe, sadly my bag with my gadgets and valuables has been stolen in France.”

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