Anthony Ryan’s ‘Raven’s Shadow’ Franchise To Be Adapted For TV By Lone Wolf Pictures & The Whole Spiel

Stephen McDonoughs lone wolf pictures Anthony Ryan has acquired the rights shadow of the raven Fantasy book franchise to develop into a television series. Paul Telegdi and Stephen Telegdi full game The executive will produce the project.

tentative title queen of fireThe TV series will feature legends, worlds and characters shadow of the raven book trilogy, its sequel, Raven’s Blade Duology, and collections of shadow of the raven Short stories written by Ryan.

It follows the journey of five characters into the shared fate of another world, divided into warring nations, where politics is cut apart like any real-world history. It stars Lerna, a slave princess who, despite her father’s malicious manipulation, rises to lead an empire to uncover the truth of the forbidden forces of darkness; Reva, a young woman born to privilege, stolen from her beloved home, raised to kill and blinded by revenge; And ‘The Woman’, as she is simply known, is a cruel, ruthless and utterly unrepentant soul in the body of a beautiful woman, with an insatiable lust for power, for the promise of immortality. Nothing will stop. The series stars Velin, a legendary warrior, servant of the faith, owner of a gift known as ‘The Blood Song’, as well as Frentice, who grew up alone in the streets, under the spell of The Woman. are powerless against and are compelled. Kill the innocent and the people he once served.

“Once Ryan’s excellent storytelling is done, audiences will relish in a twist of extremely satisfying non-stop action, in which heretics challenge monastic orders of the faith, legendary characters and demonic creatures vying for power in a world of empires.” challenged in an extraordinary struggle,” McDonagh said. ,queen of fire It is an irrepressible brave story of peoples and kingdoms bitterly divided into peoples and kingdoms, and the vital need to overcome their differences to have any hope of building a better world.”

McDonough, Paul Telegdy and Ryan will executive produce. The search is on for the person making the noise.

“Ryan’s beautifully crafted work has captured the attention of millions and we are honored to bring it to life on television,” said Telegdy. “The strong and timeless story of this epic franchise offers endless possibilities to uniquely engage and captivate a global audience.”

best seller shadow of the raven The book trilogy includes Blood Song, Tower Lord And Queen of Fire The rights to the novels were previously acquired by BCDF Pictures, as well as a direction towards developing the books for TV.

“I am thrilled with the production’s fresh, original and detailed vision to optimize its books and stories for a global screen audience and core fans alike,” Ryan said. “It’s an exciting opportunity to work closely with the creative team to bring my universe and characters to life on screen.”

in addition to the following queen of fireLone Wolf Pictures and The Whole Spill, along with Innocent Hill, recently announced the Falklands-Malvinas 10-episode war drama series, island.