Anupamaa BIG Twist: Vanraj doesn’t want Anu back; will leave her shocked with his new changed avatar

Anupama Spoiler Alert December 8, 2021: Anupama, a TV show starring Rupali Gagli Madalsa Sharma, Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna Getting interesting with every episode. More recently, the show has seen major twists and turns indicating where the story may be headed now. But hopefully the makers will surprise and surprise the audience and give them something that they are least expecting. Now, just recently, after Kavya is exposed in front of Vanraj and the entire Shah family, Vanraj decides to evict her from his life and divorce her. Also read- Anupama Viral Video: Anuj dances in bride avatar for Kapadia and dances for his ‘Sajna’? – Watch

He also candidly conveys to Baa, Anupama and Kavya that there is no love or trust left in their relationship and it is time to end their marriage. Due to this, the fans were a little worried that what would happen to the bonding of Anupama and Anuj Kapadia. Since everyone felt that Vanraj’s remorse and change of heart towards Anupama, and Kavya out of life, he will now try to win Anupama back. This posed a major threat to MaAn and fans were worried about the same. Also read- Anupama: Amidst rumors of leaving the show, video of Gaurav Khanna dancing to Akshay Kumar’s song goes viral

Then followed the track where we know that Anuj will suffer a serious accident and fight between life and death. Everyone was convinced that it was planning to exit the show to sideline Anuj and perhaps make way for Vanraj and Anupama to get back together. However, everyone who has been in panic mode can now rest easy as we know what exactly will happen now. Also read- Rupali Ganguly to Jai Bhanushali: These 15 popular celebs were flops in Bigg Boss!

In the coming episodes, we will see Vanraj get more understanding towards Anupama. In his sorry style, he will also apologize to Anupama and then advise her that she is needed the most during this phase in his life. Vanraj will see how worried and worried Anu is about Anuj’s health and his condition after the accident. Then he will shock her with his advice. Vanraj will ask Anupama to think about himself. Start thinking about her with Anuj and let Anuj enter her life. He sees Anu that he has the same feelings for Anuj as he has for Anuj.

Anu is shocked to learn about this conversation and her feelings for Anuj. What will happen next? Now, after Bapuji, Vanraj has advised him to come to Anuj in his heart and life, will Anupama be ready for love? Will Anuj and Anupama recover once they are out of the hospital? Will everything be happy and normal in Anu’s life? Or are there other challenges ahead? To know what happens next, stay tuned to Star Plus shows and join BollywoodLife to know all the updates about your favorite shows.

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