Anupamaa MAJOR SPOILER: Will Vanraj’s hatred, anger create major differences between Anu-Anuj?

Anupama Major spoiler: Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey And Madalsa Sharma Starrer TV show Anupama is getting interesting day by day. Well, a big drama happened in Anupama in the last few days. kinjal aka Nidhi Shahi And the life of her child was in danger due to an accident. Barkha slips and accidentally pushes Kinjal. Anuj, Anupama and rest of the family members were very worried about Kinjal and her child. Vanraj is very angry with the accident. And now, it looks like Vanraj’s anger and hatred must be causing differences between Anu and Anuj. Also read- From Anupama’s Nidhi Shah to Kundali Bhagya’s Dheeraj Dhoopar: These 7 TV actors quit their popular shows and shocked everyone

Vanraj will blame Anupama

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, we will see that Vanraj aka Sudhanshu Pandey accuses Anupama of not being responsible enough when Kinjal falls. Vanraj will taunt Anupama and will also argue with Anuj aka Gaurav Khanna. Vanraj creates a major drama after the fall of Kinjal. Vanraj thinks that since Anupama got married in a rich house like Kapadia, she has changed. He will tell that as long as Anupama was the daughter-in-law of a middle-class household, she was careful about everything. However, after marrying Amir, she is unable to take care of her responsibilities. Also read- Anupama: The real reason why Nidhi Shah aka Kinjal’s Rupali Ganguly quit the show? [Exclusive]

Will Vanraj create differences between Mann?

Anuj has been very cordial with Anuj despite Vanraj and Shah’s tantrums that they are blocking Anupama’s path. However, in the upcoming episode of Anupama, we will see that Anuj agrees with Barkha that Kinjal should be sent home. Both Kinjal and the child are fine. And after Vanraj’s drama, Kinjal requests to be with Anupama. Vanraj left. However, Barkha will ask Anupama to ask Kinjal to go home. Anuj will agree to his point. Anuj is furious with Vanraj for blaming Anupama, who was guilt-ridden for the incident. In the upcoming episode of Anupama, we will see Anuj asking Anupama to stop defending Vanraj aka. Sudhanshu Pandey And stay away from the Shah family for a few days. However, Anupama alias Rupali Ganguly Will take a stand saying that she will not let the kids suffer and will walk away just because the elders are fighting. Also read- Anupama Big Twist: With Kinjal and the child’s lives in danger, Vanraj takes a shocking step to join forces with Anu, Barkha with the former and more

Well, looks like Barkha used Vanraj’s anger and hatred to create a difference between Anuj aka Gaurav Khanna and Anupama.

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