Anupamaa Twist: Netizens call Kanta Maa ‘Kalyug Ki Gandhari’ as she WARNS Anupamaa against Anuj

Everyone knows the TV show Anupama. It is one of the top shows which is ruling the TRP charts. Whatever unfolds in Rajan Shahi’s show becomes the talk of the town. it is Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav KhannaAnd sudhanshu pandeyin lead roles. Anupama’s diehard fans are always supporting and supporting her. The latest track reveals that Anuj Kapadia and Anupama have parted ways. But now, Anuj has had a change of heart and wants to reconnect with his Anu. He sends a message through Vanraj and says that he will be reunited with him soon. But not everyone is happy, including Kanta Ben. Read this also- Anupama upcoming twist: Anupama and Anuj are all set to come together; But Maya has already made a plan to separate them

Kanta Ben is Anupama’s mother and surprisingly she is unhappy with Anuj Kapadia’s decision. While Anupama is elated and feels that her love has been won, Kanta Ben is tense and worried as she feels that Anuj will hurt Anupama again. She is a mother who is worried about her daughter’s future. But netizens are upset with Kanta ben for being so concerned for Anupama and not happy with her happiness. Before Anupama reunites with Anuj, Kanta Maa wants to make sure that Anuj will not repeat the same mistake in future. While she is getting backlash from Anuj’s fans, many are also taking her side saying that she has every right to be worried about her daughter’s future. There are some who are even questioning why Kanta ben does not see his daughter’s faults. Read this also- Anupama: Pakhi calls Maya a husband thief and a house breaker; Warns him against getting in the way of Anuj and Anu.

Kantaben is not the only one who is upset with Anuj’s decision. Vanraj, Baa, Maya are also very shaken. Vanraj actually questions Anupama as well and asks how can she trust again after Anuj betrayed her and left her heartbroken. Anupama gives him a befitting reply saying that trust is earned and she trusts Anuj. Read this also- Anupamaa’s disturbing twist: Will Anu and Anuj finally unite? Will this be the beginning of a new era or the end of forever?

Check out what netizens have to say about Anupama to Kanta Ben.

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