Anupamaa upcoming twist: Anupamaa has a new villain in her life, will she be able to win them over again?" />

Anupama’s upcoming spoiler alert: In Anupama’s latest track, we see Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) sit in a flight, and his flight will take off. later, we see him Little Anu (Ariya Sarkaria) Only wants Anupama; She will not eat anything. On the other hand, Leela and Shah are still worried about how they will live without Anupama. Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) dreams of Anupama, and he really misses her. After a while, Bapuji arrives at the Shah house, and all the family members pray for Anupama’s success in life. The Shah family comes to meet little Anu, and we see Kavya handling little Anu very kindly, and Kavya tells Anuj that they will take her to the Shah house. Well, the audience is eagerly waiting for this twist. When will Anupama come? read this also- Twist in Anupama: Malti Devi gets angry and turns into her fiercest self; Vows to destroy Anu

Will Anupama manage Malti Devi?

In the upcoming track of Anupamaa, we see a new promo of Anupamaa that she reaches Kapadia mansion, hugs Anuj (Gaurav Khanna), and cries that she can give up her dream but can never give up her child. Well, the upcoming track is going to be very interesting as well as dramatic as we see Malti Devi getting furious due to Anupama’s return, and she challenges Anupama that she will ruin her career. Let’s wait to see the twist. Will Anupama handle it too? We have always seen that Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) Rakhi takes on all the villains in the show: Dave, Vanraj, Maya, Kavya and Nakul, and she will change everyone’s heart. Well, we will see how Anupama will change Malti Devi’s heart. read this also- Upcoming twist in Anupama: Malti Devi will become the biggest threat to Anu; Will Anuj take a stand for his love?

anupama upcoming twist

Anupama the show is one of the best television shows. This show gets the number one position in TV serials because its story is based on a housewife and how she manages her relationship, her kids, her work and everything. Anupama is truly inspirational for all women. Now we have to wait to see the twist. When will Anupama get happiness? read this also- Anupama twist to come: Malti Devi slaps Anu for cheating and not going to America for little Anu

We may get to see interesting twists and turns in the future track of Anupamaa. Malti Devi vs Anupama, will Anupama turn against her mentor, or will she have to endure all the struggle Malti Devi gives her? Malti Devi may disband her dance academy and Dimpy may once again turn into a villain; This time Dimpy will not support her mother-in-law, as Barkha was more and Dimpy was not happy with Anupama’s arrival. Let’s wait to see Anupama’s upcoming journey.

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