Anupamaa upcoming twist: Malti Devi vows to destroy Anupamaa’s life as well as her relationship with Anuj" />

Anupamaa is the most running show on television. Well, the show has given immense love, action and drama to its viewers. Well, Anupama the show has always been number one on its TRP list and the audience has always been in favor of Anupama. Viewers are once again showing their support to Anupama in this difficult time. We all are hoping that soon Anupama will win Malti Devi’s heart and also make her realize that a mother always chooses her child first. Well, we can see in the coming episodes Malti Devi regrets her decision while taking her time. Well, maybe Malti Devi has chosen her career, which is why she is single this time. No one is with him. Let’s see where the equation between Anupama and Malti Devi goes. read this also- Twist to come in Anupamaa: Anu talks about ‘Maa Kya Hoti Hai’, will she be able to change Malti Devi’s heart

Anupama’s track is going to be very interesting in the coming times. Because we can see that Malti Devi’s complicated past will soon come to the fore. Well, GK will come with a big twist; It may be possible that we already know what might happen. Malti Devi is Anuj’s biological mother, but if she can control her emotions to see Anuj, let’s see what happens next. read this also- Upcoming twist in Anupama: Anupama has a new villain in her life, will she be able to win him over again?