Applications Now Open For Stowe Story Labs Writers Room And Feature Campus; Adds Derek Simonds As Mentor

Stowe Story Labs announced that it is now accepting applications for both its Writers Room and Feature Campus online programs. Writers Room is a program for one-hour episodic shows. sinner‘s Derek Simmonds And David Pope, co-founder of Stowe Story Labs, will lead it.

The Features Campus, led by Pope, will lead screenwriters in developing new feature film scripts.

The program will be divided into two phases. Part I will be four weeks long, with weekly sessions led by producer/showrunner/screenwriter Derek Simonds as he breaks down the first season of his hit show sinner, Simonds will explore the fundamentals of producing a successful show and outline how to apply these techniques to new work. Four seasons will cover building a pilot, creating season-long character arcs, and how to develop storylines that engage audiences, as well as the pitching process and how to sell a show.

David Pope will lead the second phase of the Writers’ Room. This would require the writers to build on their early work, which included designing and writing their pilot episodes, their series The Workshop of the Bible, as well as overall project development. Part II of the program includes presentations, one-on-one meetings, group work, a writer’s room experience, and peer-to-peer feedback sessions.

“It is a pleasure to work with Stowe Story Labs and support their mission to dive deeper into the process of television storytelling,” said screenwriter/showrunner Derek Simmonds. “This workshop is an unusually immersive opportunity to learn the entire process of creating an experimental show, from envisioning a pilot to developing a season-long story. Whatever I do with Stowe Story Labs’ roster of unique emerging writers I’m excited to share that.”

Stowe Story Labs Led by David Pope, the Features Campus is suitable for writers wishing to write a new feature film screenplay. Writers may have experience writing short films and projects in other mediums such as short stories, novels, plays, etc., or have previously written a feature screenplay and now wish to develop their process experientially by writing a new project. are. It is not designed to workshop existing feature film projects. Features Campus is a 16-week program that will help writers build stories from a character-centered perspective, focusing on internal conflicts as touchstones for development. They will both work together in class and meet individually with the Pope to improve their work.

“Stories shape the world, and the world needs to be shaped,” said David Pope, co-founder of Stowe Story Labs and a co-facilitator of these programs. “Both the Feature Campus and Writers Room seek to offer new approaches to screen audiences and industries by combining a supportive, collaborative environment with a rigorous project-focused approach. It is always my pleasure to be useful to this process,” he said. Told.

Applications for both the Writers’ Room and the Feature Campus will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Programs are not designed for more than 12 authors. The application process will be closed once the application process is fully enrolled, and at the latest, the last date to apply will be 12 August 2022. Due to the nature of rolling selection, authors wishing to participate are encouraged to apply early. The fee to participate in any event is $2,650 USD. Writers interested in joining the Writers’ Room can apply hereAnd those who wish to develop a feature project through the Feature Campus can apply here,

“We are excited to continue the screenwriting programs on the Feature Campus and Writers Room. Helping emerging artists from diverse backgrounds and life experiences is one of the most important things we need to do to advance our work, and both David and Derek are doing it. are excellent at,” said David Rocchio, director and founder of Stowe Story Labs.