AR Rahman & UAE’s First Ever Woman Filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja Team Up For A Movie Titled ‘Baab’

Nayla Al Khaza, UAE’s first female filmmaker, team up for AR Rahman ‘Bab’ (Photo Credits – Nayla Al Khaja/Instagram)

Nayla Al Khaja, the first female filmmaker in the UAE, is working with Oscar-winning Indian composer AR Rahman for her upcoming feature film ‘Bab’.

AR Rahman said: “I am delighted to work with Nayla in her feature film ‘Bab’, she is a passionate and promising filmmaker and an important creative voice within the Bay Area. The screenplay is suspenseful, thought-provoking and accessible to a universal audience. promises to be visually and emotionally engaging. I look forward to the journey.”

Written by Al Khaza and Masood Amaralla Al Ali, the film follows Wahida, unable to understand the mysterious death of her twin sister and is haunted by a ghostly rhythm in her ears.

As ‘Variety’ reports, he discovers the hidden cassette tape and his relentless search for the truth begins to unravel the unresolved grief, taking him into the mountains to delve into the complexities of the human soul. .

Shooting for the film will begin in March 2023 in the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, which will give the film the backdrop of dramatic scenes of the Jais mountains and cast the region’s indigenous people for authenticity.

Al Khaja said: “My grandmother came from the mountains, she has never been imprisoned in a specialty before, her access to the indigenous people of Ras Al Khaimah and the soulful script is an untold story I look forward to telling. AR Rahman With us, we will live a very immersive journey that is authentic, haunting and real.”

Al Khaza is known for his shorts, in which ‘sorry‘ and ‘The Road to Fulfillment’.

She is making a feature debut with ‘Three’, which is set to go into production later this year. She is also involved with executive production and a possible direct episode of “The Alexandria Killings.”

AR Rahman recently Paradise Studio and Paradise Orchestra as part of Expo 2020 Dubai, an all-female ensemble of 50 musicians from 23 Arab countries, reports ‘Variety’.

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