Ariana Madix Claims Tom Sandoval Tried To Manipulate A Narrative Amid His Cheating Scandal

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Ariana Madix claims Tom Sandoval ‘tried to manipulate a narrative’ (Photo Credits – Bang Showbiz; Instagram)

Ariana Madix has accused Tom Sandoval of trying to “manipulate a narrative”.

The 37-year-old star split from Tom, 39, after it was revealed he had a months-long affair with Raquel Lewis, and Ariana has now dumped her ex-boyfriend.

When asked why their split has attracted so much attention, Ariana Madix told Glamour: “There are layers to it. best friend layer, the fact that [he] And I’ve been together for so long and so many people, myself included, have seen us as the endgame.

“It’s cheating, trying to manipulate a narrative, the fact that so many people have been through it themselves, and they recognize parts of it.”

Ariana Was A “Snooper” In Her Past Relationships But Deliberately Changed Her Ways When They Started Dating Tom,

As a result, the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star never had any idea Tom was cheating on him.

Asked how she felt when she found out, Ariana shared: “I think shock makes you stop being sad right away. It was like the air was sucked out of my lungs. It was shock, There was some level of disbelief, but then also anger.”

In May, Ariana admitted to being “happy” that she found out about the affair.

During an appearance on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, Ariana explained: “The plan was to end the relationship without any mention of affair or cheating. Whether it was pre-reunion or going to the movie Winter House First or not. And then they’ll just start dating.

“the narrative that he was a victim in our relationship or [that] I would have just been planted already.

Ariana suggested that Tom’s “plan” was ruined when news of their affair was leaked.

She said: “If I had known what you all had planned… I would have been just a cog in this whole narrative machine.”

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