Arjun Bijlani Hides Co-Star Nikki Sharma’s Room Keys, Playfully Teases Her On Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya ShivShakti Sets

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Arjun Bijlani hides co-star Nikki Sharma’s room keys on the sets of Pyaar Ka First Chapter Shivshakti, teases her (Photo courtesy- Instagram)

Television actors Arjun Bijlani and Nikki Sharma have found a good friend in each other.

Their friendship extends beyond the screen, as they not only enjoy each other’s company, but also try to help each other to improve their on-screen portrayals in ‘Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyay Shivshakti’.

With their mischievous antics and light-hearted pranks, the duo has become the center of laughter and excitement on the sets, spreading happiness among their fellow cast and crew members.

In a display of heartfelt camaraderie, when Arjun decides to play a fun prank on Nikki, he cleverly hides the keys to her makeup room just when she has to go inside the room to change her look. Unaware of the plot, Nikki was anxiously looking for the keys everywhere on the sets and ended up engaging a lot of people to find her keys.

He didn’t know that everyone was a part of the joke. Laughter rang out on the set as Arjun couldn’t contain his amusement, while Nikki’s initial surprise quickly turned into laughter.

Arjun said, “Nikki and I have forged a friendship that extends well beyond our roles of on-screen characters. Playing pranks during shoots has become a means to fill our work routine with joy and frolic. It’s truly wonderful to have Nikki as both a co-star and a friend, someone who wholeheartedly embraces the more light-hearted aspects of life.”

“We enjoy creating a vibrant and positive environment first chapter of love shivshakti set, delighting others with laughter and conducting amusing practical jokes that can turn an ordinary day into a joyous experience,” he said.

based on the background of VaranasiArjun plays the role of Shiva and Nikki plays the role of Shakti in the show.

While Arjun and Nikki’s friendship is lighting up the sets as they constantly find new ways to keep the laughter alive, it will be interesting for the viewers to see how Mandira (Parineeta Borthakur) will lock Shakthi in a room. After rescuing her, will Shiv be able to reach Shakti in time for her interview?

It airs on Zee TV.

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