Arthouse Distributors Tweak Expansion Plans To Ride Out Omicron – Specialty Box Office

United Artists released likely won’t expand Tookicoris pizza Until next month and Sony Pictures Entertainment is going to take things slow jockey As Omicron Edition delays the return of the elusive old demo in theaters.

jockey– one of the few new releases of the weekend – reported an estimated opening of $4,161 at three locations for an average of $1,030 per screen. But the main attraction of the distributor appeared holdover parallel moms The Pedro Almodovar film grossed an estimated $30,238 in its second week, also across three screens, for an average per theater average of $10,079 and a cume of $115,224. The two will extend until January before the Oscar nominations but co-president Tom Bernard said SPC will shift gears slightly and “take its time”. jockey Omicron garners special fare as the distributor waits for strong reviews and word of mouth for the film to air, and as the market – hopefully – improves.

“I think it’s a wait-and-see. I think that some of the opening dates may change a little bit because we’re really seeing, with the pandemic, as far as people’s behavior and Omicron , Barker said.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Oscar-Buzzy Licorice Pizza, which was released in four theaters over the Thanksgiving weekend and grew to 786 at Christmas, will remain there for some time, stalling an expansion planned for mid-January. “We will remain in a strict release pattern until the market eases a bit with Omicron. There is no reason to rush,” said Eric Lomis, UAR’s head of distribution. UAR is said to have kicked off the first expansion. has already expanded to over 1,000 screens which were planned for last weekend.

The Oscar nominations are due later this year, not until February 8, and the version is expected to start burning itself in January/February. after the holiday.

Licorice Pizza None. 8 in North America box office $1.25 million in six weeks, averaging $1,589 per screen and grossing $6.3 million. This Posted a whopping $83.8K opening screen average in November, before each title was about Omicron.

house of gucci, also from UAR and one of the few adult-skewered films to crack the box office this year, will gross an estimated $787,549 (PSA$1,114) over the weekend. It is in its sixth week with a cost of $49 million on 707 screens (down from 200).

Back Parallel Mothers: Barker said the strong second weekend came as no surprise. “When you have a good first holiday weekend, you expect a good second holiday weekend—especially when you see the same happens on weekdays.” He said the demographic breakdown is fairly spread out: one third youth-skewed, one third moderate-anger; and a third older. Barker said the young Odd, not traditionally a fan of Almodovar, has more exposure to his work — which includes retrospectives on HBO Max and TMC.

The film stars Penelope Cruz as a new mother in a tangled relationship with a young girl the two met in the maternity ward before she was born. jockey Stars Clifton Collins, Jr. is hoping to score one last trophy as an aging jockey. Licorice Pizza is a quirky love story set in the San Fernando Valley of California in the 1970s.

elsewhere, neon memory Earned $18,122 on Friday and Saturday as it completed its week-long exclusive run at NYC’s IFC Center with a total of $52,656. Epichatpong Veerasethkul’s film is planning to move from city to city indefinitely for weekly programs in different theatres.

Bollywood cricket-themed picture 83 Reliance Film recorded an estimated price of $3.5 million in its second week of $660,253 across 419 screens.

A24’s red rocket The fourth week grossed $106,184 on 385 screens at a cost of $709,460. distributor’s Lets go Week seven grossed $1.85M for $1,309 across 26 screens.

In the sixth week, Sideshow and Janus Films’ drive my car It grossed an estimated $21,300 across 16 screens for a PSA of $1,331 and a new QM of $324,523. It begins expanding again on January 7th with 20 new cities and 70+ new runs scheduled exclusively in theaters through February.

Streaming services don’t report gross, but below are some estimates according to industry sources. (Gross as well as theater calculations are estimates only.)

apple/a24: the tragedy of macbeth: Expanded to about 100 locations (+80 from last week) for a weekend of about $65K ($650 PSA) and total Qum in the $250K range. January 14 on Apple TV+.

Amazon: tender bar: Looks like about 65 locations with an estimated weekend of around $15K ($230 PSA) and total earnings in the $70K range. January 7th on Amazon Prime.

Netflix: lost daughter, In about 10 locations with an estimated $3K weekend and $65K total.

Amazon: to be ricardo, Looking at the $4.5K weekend, on about ten screens, on the way to $705K low.