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    As ‘No Time To Die’ Ignites International Box Office, Exhibition Looks To A Bright Big Screen Future – CineEurope

    After the cancellation of last year and this year’s postponement, the annual CineEurope The convention starts today in Barcelona. And what better time for studios and overseas exhibitions to come together and celebrate the theatrical experience as we come out with a banner international box office Weekend Led to Live Launch of MGM/Eon/Universal no time to die.

    25th james bond film Opened beyond expectations with $119.1M from 54 offshore markets and set multiple records, whether they be for the pandemic era – or for any era.

    After facing a series of date changes of its own, the film was anticipated by many as a possible turning point that would help revive the film that was running around the world. And, it’s not just the 007 turnstile spinning. Sony’s Venom: Let There Be Massacre Russia had a record-breaking opening, while domestically it swallow A stellar $90.1M debut.

    Mookie Greidinger, CEO of the World’s Second Largest Exhibit, cineworld. Performance in other markets was “excellent.” The weekend’s results, “proved that people were really looking forward to bonds.”

    Importantly, a slightly older skewed bond demo also surfaced. “This weekend we clearly saw all ages in theaters,” Gridinger says.

    Greidinger is also Bullish poison, which he calls “sensational”, given that 75% of Regal parent Cineworld’s screens are in the US.

    Combined, he says, “I think if we’re going to need to mark the turning point toward the fourth quarter that we’ve all been waiting for, it was the ideal weekend for it. Bond on One Side of the Sea and poison on the other side of the ocean. If we look at the lineup that is now coming from both sides by the end of the year, we can be optimistic. We still need to keep our eyes open for covid, it’s not over yet, but we are now showing that if we have the product, we can perform at peak numbers as well as covid. “

    Tim Richards, CEO of Major Chain View International, says, “Last summer we had a warm welcome to the audience shang-chi, black widow, suicide squad And others and we were operating at around 75/80% of the pre-covid rates. I think Bond is taking us back to pre-Covid levels and we expect to be close to that by the end of the year. “

    Regarding Bond’s UK launch, Richards comments, “Certainly it’s not only a good post-Covid opening, it’s a great overall start” and “we’ll see Bond as that watershed moment where things get better.” happened.” Richards cites “very solid numbers across Europe in our other markets”, as well, with “pre-Covid levels of bookings”.

    Looking ahead, parts of Southeast Asia and Australia are still struggling, but people believe the market will bounce back. Still on deck for further rollouts, Warner Bros./Legendary Dune, which topped $100M overseas this weekend, is followed by markets such as the UK and North America, Venom 2 Ramps up its international release schedule on October 15th, and is excited for Disney/Marvel after that exhibition The Eternal, sony’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Dis/20th Century’s story of the west And king’s manuSony/Marvel K Spider-Man: No Way Homeuniversal / illumination sing 2 and Warner’s Matrix Resurrection among others.

    Gridinger says, “We will also see many Academy Award contenders like wig for example. These are not going to be huge blockbusters, but if you add all these together, I think we are in pretty good shape.”

    While the UK reopened its cinemas in May, and other markets in Europe followed suit over the summer, Richards says, “Now, we are back and here to stay and continue where we did in 2020. Left in March. That’s the difference. I think it’s sustainable, so I think everyone is very excited for the future… audiences are there and waiting and as soon as the films come out they will come out. ”

    no time to die set multiple imax This weekend also recorded a $30M global weekend overall while the format included a slew of domestic (and Russia) openers. Venom 2, and a trio of local Chinese films. Megan Colligan, president of IMAX Entertainment, said, “This weekend was an unqualified success, proving what today’s box office is capable of doing – not just with select regions or releases, but with a diverse range of fantastic content in every major region.” With the offering. The perception may be that these films are doing better, but the reality is that many people are underestimating how excited global consumers are to be back in movies.”

    Veronica Kwan Vandenberg, Universal Pictures International’s president of distribution, tells Deadline, “We always believed that no time to die Was going to be seen on the big screen, but the situation should have been right. We worked with Eon and MGM to assess market factors including vaccination levels, consumer confidence, box office indicators and capacity restrictions, and it is heartening to see viewers return in such strong numbers.

    She continues, “The no time to die The result this weekend is a huge confidence booster for the entire industry. With the right circumstances and the right film, audiences will come back and embrace the theatrical experience.”

    Overall, another executive enthused, “It was a great weekend to celebrate business.”

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