Asma Abbas Broke Into Tears While Talking About Her Late Sister |

Asma Abbas is very talented as well known for her cheerful demeanor. She belongs to a very talented family which has given us a lot of stars. Asma Abbas arrived a little late in the game but quickly won hearts with her roles and her overall positivity. Asma Abbas has three other sisters and all are super talented and the pride of Pakistan.

He lost his sister Sumbul Shahid to Covid last year. It was a huge shock to the family as he had lost his nephew sometime back in a paragliding accident. The last few years have been heavy on the family. Talking about Sumbul Shahid, Asma Abbas burst into tears. She shared how beautiful their relationship was, how lost she feels without him.

Asma Abbas wept while talking about her late sister

Asma shared that the family doesn’t feel like laughing when they get together and they are all a bit lost.

Asma Abbas wept while talking about her late sister

Hear the heartbreaking loss he has endured: