Asma Abbas Shares Controversial Things That Disturb Her On Shoots |

Asma Abbas is a beautiful and super talented actress. She took a long break after marriage and since her re-launch, she has been ruling hearts with her strong acting skills and the right selection of scripts. We have loved Asma Abbas in plays like Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Chupke Chupke and these days she continues to impress us in Chowdhary & Sons.

Asma Abbas was a guest on Noman Ijaz’s Zee Sarkar, where she shared some interesting facts about her life and insights on her likes and dislikes. When asked what things bothered her on the sets. She replied that she doesn’t particularly like the use of abusive/abusive language on the sets by female actors. He also shared that smoking by actresses bothers him. Asma Abbas also revealed that sometimes there are actors who are on drugs while the entire crew is scrambling to get their shot and it worries her that the family members of those actors Know their status or not.

Asma Abbas shares controversial things that bother her during the shoot

Asma Abbas spoke candidly about things that other people are not comfortable talking about. check out: