Attack Movie Review: Wish John Abraham’s Arjun Was Real & He Rescued People From Theatres

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Star Cast: John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Rajit Kapoor and the ensemble

the director: Lakshya Raj Anand

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What’s good: Runtime that doesn’t plague us for a long time. Some action too.

What’s worse: Rajit Kapoor was convinced to play a caricatured reflection of a minister after his impressive performance as Nehru in Rocket Boys. Also, Jacqueline was again killed by someone in a film. I don’t know if it’s bad at all.

Lou Break: The story is of John Abraham, who relied on the last Satyameva Jayate and made 2 of them. It’s not like you won’t understand anything if you take one. Don’t go against your body.

See or not?: If you’re getting free tickets and have nothing to waste your time, go ahead. Or else wait for OTT release and then join me in sorry concert. We will play 200 songs composed by Shashwat Sachdev for this.

Language: Hindi

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Runtime: 123 min.

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So Arjuna is many and many high-spirited soldiers. He leads the battalion in attacks and is successful. One day she falls in love, a romantic song and almost a proposal. Later in a terrorist attack her lover is killed and she is paralyzed for life. Some mad scientist/DJ looking lady named Qureshi, for “inclusiveness and responsible representation” purpose, develops technology and makes a super soldier out of it. You know the rest.

attack movie review
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Attack Movie Review: Script Analysis

Like Arjuna’s attack my brain cells named Satyameva Jayate erased all memories of a past life trauma and reminded John of Madras Cafe. But is Abraham ready to destroy himself and start anew? do not feel. This time he not only acts but also gives the idea of ​​the story. It’s virtually every cinematic who watches a movie and writes an imaginative amateur story in their diary in their teens. But John is decades old in the industry and it is not the standard we expect.

Attack is Coming, the premise of respecting AI and looking far into the future that robots will someday fight wars is idealistic. But the ambitions end there. Really on paper. What translates to screen is a confusing product that seeks to serve audiences who watch movies with substance and who enter the halls with their tongues whistling.

John cannot be blamed entirely for the story, as his fellow director and writer Lakshya Raj Anand in ‘Crime’ favors the play and its level 10 version. Together they find the lead pair of the film accidentally kissing while she is about to get interesting. They are fine when the super soldier forgets that he has been stabbed in the leg and walks as if it was not a knife but a wing. They take decisions keeping in mind the single screen and if there is some stargazing audience alive in me, then the scene written to provoke emotion becomes comical.

Take, for example, the dialogue in the scene where the doctor breaks the news that Arjun has suffered irreversible lower neck paralysis, his reaction to it being “how can this be permanent”. Dialogues of Sumit Bhateja. Together they try to make a subtle political context where a character says “The Home Minister is mad at the PM’s love”. But this is the only ray of hope in the mountain of darkness.

Also, how did no one tell that a man who has been paralyzed for a year will never have his muscles chiseled?

Attack Movie Review: Star Performance

John Abraham really puts in the effort in the acting department. The action is suffocating and he’s an ace in every punch. But when he is expected to be jovial, he looks like John in his last 6 romantic comedies and nothing is different. Anyone advising him to be a part of these so called “spice vehicles” should be kicked out of his surroundings.

Jacqueline Fernandez again has a cameo and gets a weird hairstyle which is criticized on screen as well. He gets nothing more than the beautiful dream woman Prem, shot in soft focus with a white sheet over her before she dies.

Rakul Preet Singh plays a scientist/tech freak who works in a lab that looks nothing less than a good disco floor. She tries to understand her part the most. The actor is as honest as she was in Sardar Ka Grandson but fate plays the same game with her. Prakash Raj’s fate follows the same path and looks comical when he is expected to be serious.

Someone reminds Rajit Kapoor of the legacy he created by showing him his old films. It’s not. Even Ratna Pathak Shah agreed to do so, which was completely forgotten after a while.

attack movie review
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Attack Movie Review: Direction, Music

Lakshya Raj Anand concentrates only on the battle scenes and whatever happens between them seems hazy. His decision to play hymns during a great robotic surgery just makes me laugh more. The DoP team led by Soumik Mukherjee acted in a state of extreme confusion.

They introduce a sports vibe close to the climax that it seems they had forgotten by then. Shashwat Sachdev replicates the album Uri: The Surgical Strike and fills the first part with songs.

Attack Movie Review: The Last Word

I share my birthday with John Abraham and it hurts to see him making such choices. Go for it if melodrama dressed up as sci-fi patriotism is your thing.

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attack Releasing on April 01, 2022.

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