Avatar: The Way of Water Box Office: Gets Impacted By Pathaan Wave, Will Miss Entering The 400 Crore Club

Box Office-Avatar: The effect of Pathan wave on the path of water, will miss the place in 400 crore club (Photo Credits- Movie Poster)

As Avatar: The Way of Water nears its run, here’s what happened to the past week 100 million Mark. came to the tune of collection 7.10 crores And that too when there is a big holiday of Republic Day in between. Of course, if it was running alone then it would have been a good collection again. However, first and foremost it was the sixth week in the running for the James Cameron directorial and almost everyone who was supposed to see it had already seen it. Secondly, there were Pathans for competition.

Most importantly, all major screens – IMAX, 4DX, ICE – were relocated, ensuring the best returns Pathan And so the best profits that came were from 3D screens. One wonders who the situation would have been for Avatar: The Way of Water had Pathan also been released in 3D. in that case, Hollywood Biggie could have been kicked around more 2 crores least.

Nonetheless, what the film has still managed to do is worth its worth in gold. This came at a time when nothing else was working apart from Drishyam 2 and that film was also nearing its run. If not for Avatar: The Way to Water, the theaters would have looked barren for a month and a half as since its arrival, nothing noteworthy had released in the theatres. It is to the credit of the film that it still found its way forward 374.29 crores, yes, once upon a time it seemed so 400 million were up for grabs but now the film has to settle here 380 crores Mark.

Still, nothing can take away from the fact that it is an all-time blockbuster and the biggest Hollywood film ever made in India.

Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. The numbers have not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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