Baahubali: The Beginning Turns 7: Did You Know? Prabhas Was Gifted Gym Equipment Worth 1.5 Crores To Build A Trendsetting Physique

Baahubali: The Beginning Turns 7: Did You Know? Prabhas was gifted gym equipment worth Rs 1.5 crore for creating trendsetting physique (Photo Credits – A still from Baahubali: The Beginning)

Making a strong impression on the hearts of the audience, Prabhas has indeed set an example with the mega-success of the Baahubali franchise. Paving for the star was never the easy part. From intense workouts to strict diet plans, the actor has given his life to the film.

Prabhas’ body was really a trendsetter in Baahubali. Along with his hard training for the tough diet plan, the actor has managed to pull off a physique that no one ever imagined. The makers of the film have gifted the actor gym equipment 1.5 crore She was cemented for her role in the film supervised by professional bodybuilder Laxman Reddy. The regular diet plan of Rebel Star included fish, egg whites, vegetables and almonds. The actor had six meals every day and his diet did not include rice. The Darling actor’s total caloric intake during the shooting of Baahubali ranged between 2000 to 4000 calories in a day.

As Sri Reddy pointed out, Prabhasi Amarendra weighed around 100 kg to play the role of Baahubali, but his role as Shivudu, as seen in Baahubali: The Beginning, required him to sport a toned body. “As Baahubali, Prabhas had to build a lot of muscle and for the son’s character, Shivudu, he had to look lean. His body fluctuated for more than four years; it was difficult. Prabhas weighed around 100 kg and had a body fat percentage between 9-10. For the small character, he had to build a toned body with minimal muscle mass,” he said.

Prabhasi‘ The training regime, shooting schedule and diet for Baahubali: The Beginning and its sequel were a complete opposite, reveals Sri Reddy. “He used to have six meals with egg whites, chicken, nuts, almonds, fish and vegetables. To prepare for Baahubali, he had eight meals a day, carb-heavy with paneer and mutton. In the evening, we had weight training sessions, which included deadlifts, squats, bench press and other rigorous exercises,” said Sri Reddy.

Also, during an interview in Past, Sri Reddy said, “He would shoot for hard-core stunts and would be exhausted by the end of it, but never missed a workout. There were days when we used to exercise in the middle of the night. Let’s start. His dedication was amazing.

With the release of Baahubali: The Beginning in 2015, the hard work paid off when the film collected 650 crores Worldwide and also won the National Award for Best Feature Film.

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