Badshah & Ikka Singh Enjoy MC Square’s Performance, Declare His Song A Radio Hit

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Badshah, ace declare MC Square’s song a radio hit (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Popular rapper Badshah and the ace were impressed by MC Square’s performance on ‘MTV Hustle 2.0’ and declared their track a radio hit.

With the typical desi accent and catchy hook steps, Badshah loved MC Square’s ‘Le Le Ram Ram’ performance. Even Ikka Singh, who was the guest judge, could not stop praising him.

King Said: “There’s a famous artist who has millions of followers and views, who called me and said I wanted to work with MC Squares,” before declaring the performance a radio hit!

Ace said: “Your rap was everything booty And batin and it was on point. Your mic was your sweetheart and your rap is still live in my mind. you deserve everything.”

‘MTV Hustle 2.0’ airs on MTV.

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